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Our Successful Stories

Many representatives of modern business who actively use modern technology are faced with such an important task as choosing a reliable IT partner. Our software house portfolio, place letters and reviews of recommendation from customers on our websites. Demand creates supply, therefore, companies that develop websites, landing pages, online stores or mobile applications are represented on the market quite widely. A good IT company considers the development of a website, a mobile application through the prism of the client’s business tasks. The goal is not just to develop a website, online store, mobile application, Search engine optimization and close the project, but to create a tool to achieve certain business goals. After all, a site, a landing page, a mobile application – all of them have their intended purpose and must fulfill a specific task or tasks – to stimulate sales, attractnew customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty.


Restaurant tables booking sometime cause mismanagement now a days, sometimes staff accidently book each table twice that will put you in danger when all other tables on that time are full, here we present “Yiflo” which will manage your restaurant booking for you in a single click, Yiflo not only provide restaurant booking management solution but also provide some more good functionalities like:
1. You can add multiple sections like ground floor, basement, roof top or any section you like.
2. You can add multiple tables on each section on whatever location you like on seating plan view by dragging item from items sections to seating plan view.
3. You can name each table a name of your choice.
4. Yiflo provide wide range of seating plan customization to its users.


Their cloud-based Strategy Cycle enables continuous improvement to your business model. You can quickly, easily and inexpensively assemble a team of the right people, from management to the front line, to analyze events within the company or in the marketplace. Responses are collaboratively developed and communicated to teams in real-time so your organization can help lead your clients and partners to new opportunities and stay ahead of your competition. Progress and course corrections are similarly real-time and collaborative, creating an innovative organization at the leading edge of your market.


The COVID-19 Risk Management and Prevention Program is based on preventing exposure to the virus. It is the responsibility of all Businesses and Government institutions to roll out a COVID-19 Risk Management and Prevention Program. Protecting staff, clients and visitors is everybody’s responsibility even though it is an extremely challenging task.


Floatrfq is the leading platform for global wholesale trade. They serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world.


360-Degree Approach

We use a time-tested framework that covers everything from ideation to post-release support.

Maximum Personalization

We do not take on every project and guarantee the highest level of personalization to each client.

Design & CX First

Each solution we create is tailored to the demands of a specific user and has a stand-out look.

Highest Flexibility

We offer a range of engagement models that allow anyone to stay flexible across many parameters.

Top Tech Talent Employer

Intellectsoft employs experienced developers with niche skills and strong problem-solving skills.

Impactful Workshops

Our workshops allow you to prototype and refine your ideas before bringing them to life.